A Lasting Memory

A Lasting Memory

December 02, 2016

Everyone loves receiving holiday cards, but do you ever send them? I know what you're thinking.. "it's too late to start one now." Don't worry, you still have lots of time to create your holiday keepsakes. Here are a few tips on how to nail the perfect holiday card.

First and foremost, you'll want to contact your local photography studio or photographer to schedule your shoot. Not sure where to start? Here are a few places that are google worthy...Enid Ricci in the greater Boston area, Portrait Simple, Picture People, Macy's, Walmart, or your local mall. If you just can't find time to take new photos think back to the most special memory you have of this year. I'm sure you have an image...That can very well be your holiday card photo. It doesn't have to be perfect it just has to be meaningful to your family.

If you are going to coordinate a shoot here are a few helpful tips:


This can be tough especially if you have a large family like I do. I tend to shop in layers because I enjoy coordinating my family. For instance if you have 3 children, two girls and a boy (like me)... I'd recommend "The Grown Man On" suit, the "No Grey Area Dress" & "The Sail Out Dress". I enjoy coordinating but I try to avoid being too matchy-matchy.


If you have two girls another good alternative is the Clueless Collection's Cher & Dionne dresses. They are beautifully made, warm wool and nicely lined dresses that are kid approved. These beauties will definitely set your princesses apart!

If you have two boys or more the "Grown Man on suit" comes with 6 pieces that can be paired over four different ways. You can also switch the tie out with a nice red bow tie to add that Holiday glow!




A big misconception is that everyone must wear red. In our millennial driven world, I think it's important that everyone remembers things don't have to be so traditional. Wear all black with a pop of red and I promise your card will be towards the top of the pile. It provides a polished and clean look that is easy to achieve. Most adults already own black clothing, I know for children black clothing is pretty much blacklisted. However, its 2016 and The Brand Finale has you covered whether you are looking for a more casual or formal look.

Throw on an ugly sweater and send out a comical card this year. You can also focus more on the New Year and mix things up without the famous Christmas tree look. Don't be afraid to be different, there's no rhyme or reason to a memorable look. 



The last part of creating your card is finding a card company that has a decent turn around time and a layout that fits what you're looking for. Personally, I tend to shop for Accordion Full bleed cards. Each option provides a full breakdown. It's also always tough to decide the finish of your cards. Some companies offer a foil effect, gloss, pearl or matte finish. You'll also have host of shape options to chose from. Have fun with it because at the end of the day It's all about your preference.



In the grand scheme of things I'd say holiday photos and cards are about an end of the year moment as a family. I also use it as a keepsake, since I don't have many professional family photos taken through the year. I know that each year I'll have an amazing image captured showing their growth and progress by December. Even if you don't make a card capture those moments but most importantly stay present!

Through it all, let's remember this season and every season is the season of giving.  As you shop for new clothing and your children grow out of old clothing and toys, remember that there are children all over the world without. Be someone's light this season. Clean out drawers and drop off some clothing or warm coats to your nearest church, shelter, or clothing donation box.

To encourage that I'd like to offer you 30% off and free shipping today use code: "wegotthis"  www.thebrandfinale.com

We hope you send us a card!

The Brand Finale
11 Robert Toner Blvd
North Attleboro MA, 02760

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