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November 18, 2016


From head to toe, we all know that nothing compliments a nice outfit like an amazing hairstyle. Yes, we are taking it there... FINALLY! In this article we'll give haircare tips in addition to hair styling ideas.

It's no secret that different hair types require different maintenance. Daily & weekly habits play a major role in how we maintain and care for our tresses. Focus on the info under the texture that best matches yours. First, let's begin the breakdown starting with the universal necessities. 



This is a great way to jump start hair growth for anyone. Do this by finger massaging or brushing your hair & scalp. I know, it sounds too good to be true.  However, this actually leads to much more than hair growth, it can also lead to good circulation for your entire body.


What you put in is what you get out. So put the best in!  Water is a must to keep you moisturized from the inside out! Try your hardest to maintain a decent line up of the food group pyramid. All of our dietary needs provide different nutrients that can promote the good stuff for our hair. Vitamins containing biotin is just a cherry on the pie. 

Clean hair is healthy hair. Healthy hair is moisturized hair. Moisturized hair is strong hair. Strong hair doesn't break. Get it?  Now put that all of that into rotation. Don't forget that you can over condition.  Be sure to pay attention to the directions on the products you use. Start with a wash & deep conditioner focusing on the ends. The ends are  the most vulnerable.  They are guaranteed to break if their dry. Figure out a trimming schedule, I'd suggest every 4-6 weeks. REMEMBER If you don't trim your hair.... it'll trim itself (break). Always comb your hair from the ends up to the roots. Clean, condition, moisturize, seal the moisture in... Repeat. No matter what the perscription for your tresses these are the steps to success.


My personal recommendation for fine hair would be Paul Mitchell products. A great alternative is The Morrocan Line. I love the fact that you can fine tune your personal needs with these two very elaborate lines, no matter what your needs are. Also, they are both fine for children that are able to keep their eyes closed while washing. Fairy Tales hair care line is amazing for the little ones that aren't quite ready for the eye closing commitment lol!






For relaxed hair, I'd suggest Simplicity Hair Oil...  it's all about the moisture with this line. This is a trusted company that has options for all women. Get into the routine of washing and roller setting your hair, instead of adding extra heat. You'll be able to achieve the same results but a much healthier version. I also recommend TBF'S universal key for this type of hair (last paragraph) 




For thick curly hair, again my recommendation is Simplicity Hair Oil's full hair care line. This line is very broad and can be used on many other textures. This is also my texture. I firmly believe in SHO and encourage people with the same texture to do some research on what they have to offer.  Make it a choice to sport healthy hair! I've also had great results in using the Truly Natural line by Pantene. Another great alternative is the Deva Curl collection. Take your time while combing your hair and use a large detangling comb. I also recommend TBF'S universal key for this type of hair (last paragraph)







For mixed textures, Mixed Chicks would be my product of choice. Their shampoo and conditioner are great. For a leave in and daily moisturizer my suggestion would be Miss Jessie's haircare line. Another amazing alternative is the Deva Curl collection. Take your time while combing your hair and use a large detangling comb. I also recommend TBF'S universal key for this type of hair.





For children and babies I'd suggest Shea Moisture's baby line.  For older children my choice is the Hibiscus Collection. An alternative for babies is "As I Was Born Curly". Please, don't wait for breakage to start before you begin a haircare regime for your babies. Take your time while combing your your child's hair and use a large detangling comb (pictured below).






 When combing or detangling, avoid becoming frustrated or rushing by spraying your hair with water or a detangler.  Add oil (coconut or Simplicity Hair Oil) to lock in the moisture. That step can be used on any kinky, curly texture (or overly dried) hair as long as you don't plan on adding heat. 

Use a detangling comb.  Plan your hair regimen out with a specific wash day in mind. Invest in a co-wash shampoo to avoid stripping the hair of its natural moisture.  Always add oil to your conditioner (unless you plan to straighten your hair) to maintain the moisture. Always use a leave in conditioner and moisturizing creme for styling.

Haircare can be expensive... all my natural girls know what I mean. You have to tailor your many needs by testing things out and that costs. Some companies offer samples... don't be afraid to try them.  However be sure to follow the directions on the products, because at the end of the day... its YOUR hair.  For this texture, I recommend Simplicity Hair Oil,(especially the detangler) Pantene Truly Natural, and Carol's daughter. I also recommend TBF'S universal key for this type of hair (last paragraph)





For all hair types, protective styles promote growth and gives our hair a break. A current trendy fav happens to be cornrows and all other styles of braids. Weaves and clip-ins can provide you with versatility, without compromising your hair health if done properly.

Here are some easy do's for this holiday season. It's only right that we look flawless as we stuff our faces lol!



I saved my favorite for last. This is key in my home. It can be used on all textures, but it is  expensive. You just have to ask yourself "What am I willing to pay for healthy hair?" The conditioner and oil are the two products I use the most.  The conditioner is about $30, but it does go a long way. Please let me know how this works out for you. As always, don't forget to to top your childrens new hair care and styles off with the perfect outfit!SHOP NOW

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