With the last year almost behind us, starting 2017 off with positivity in mind is one of the best things that you can do to jump start your New Year. Whatever the past year may (or may not) have brought you, there is no better way to start your year right than to face it with a dose of positive thinking in your mind.

Positivity to me is a mental attitude that stems from the roots of our consciousness onto the fruits of our actions. When you make it a habit to constantly think positive whatever adversaries may come in your way, you are subconsciously teaching your mind to find the good side in everything. Instead of freaking out over negative things that might slow you down on your road to success. A better thing to do would be to think positive and anticipate only future joy and happiness to come.

Do you want to be around people who possess negativity and suffer from the negative vibe they give? Or would you rather associate yourself with people who think positively and allow only good vibes to flow into their lives? If you're like me then the answer to this question is obvious, right?

Starting your year off right by thinking positively is important not only because it affects your own life, but the lives of the people around you as well. If you always strive to think and be positive and allow people to see the positive energy flowing around your own life, there is a high chance that people around you will feel good and act positively in response to the mindset that you have.


New Year Resolutions are more often than not just a set of empty promises that people make to comfort themselves at the start of the year. This time, try something different and think positive declaring New Year Affirmations that confirm to yourself what you are and what you can become if you work hard towards achieving your personal goals. You'll want to say things boldly declaring what you will do. Instead of saying, “this year, I will try to be…”, declare to yourself the statement “this year, I am…” is a much better way to push yourself towards achieving your goals. I familiarized myself a long time ago and it works for me.


I could go on and on with this topic but I'll make it short and sweet. To end this week’s blog post, I will leave a question for you to answer. Imagine yourself on a positive high while finishing the statement!
This year, my purpose is ______________.

As always I'd love feedback on how this and every blog entry works out for my supporters. Happy New Year and be on the lookout for all the exciting things THE BRAND FINALE has coming your way in 2017..........SHOP NOW!!!