November 05, 2016

Hey Squad,

First I'd like to start by saying THANK YOU! It's been a full week since The Brand Finale launched and the response has been more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much for all your support and wonderful feedback. So, we are kicking the weekend off with 10% off today! I've read all the emails and posts and value the input on what you want restocked and implemented and I plan to deliver 100%. We will constantly be adding new items to keeps your kids looking great all through the winter. In this post, I'm going to go over a few of my favorite fall/winter trends for kids. I'll focus on one while giving you other trends you can mix and match to figure out the personal style that fits your child.

Fall/Winter Trends


This is a big one, my favorite one, so I have to start with layering. Fall Fashion is all about layering – even for your little ones. The weather can be tricky at times especially during the first few weeks of the season (and in Massachusetts even going into November). We all know those days where it starts out cold and then ends up warm. How can you dress your children appropriately while still staying on trend and on budget? I put together four great looks that are playground appropriate and will work great with whatever the season throws at us.


Fall usually means warmer colors, but I have a daughter who can’t step away from her favorite tone - black. Consider layering a leather moto jacket with a textured sweater that adds some extra detail, like a ruffle on the shoulders or even a peplum. Don't be afraid of texture. Try combining a faux fur jacket with jeans, leggings, a t-neck or bodysuit, then finish it up with a pair of combat boots. Send your daughter on her way looking cute and fashion forward! Try putting your son in a thermal or henley and a pair of moto jeans or even sweatpants, and he will be good to go just about anywhere. I typically pair it with a sweatshirt or jacket to add an extra layer of warmth on those brisk days. You can keep the look dressed down and fun with a pair of stylish sneakers. This look gives your son enough flexibility to still kick it around at the playground, but can look the part after school at an impromptu meet-up with family and friends.



Don't you just love a trend that's practical? I do! I remember the days of having soggy jeans and how that made for a terrible day. Thats why rain gear is a must have for my kids. After having my first child I learned of the Hatley Brand and to this day my first rain coat that is now 6 years old now belongs to my 2 year old! The best part about it is every piece is fully lined and WARM. I guarantee your kids will love mixing and matching his or her favorite jeans with their super-cool rain boots and matching jacket. These patterns are irresistible... add the umbrella for the finishing touch. They'll stay warm, HAPPY and dry while looking cool and fierce!

I attached these two images to show the longevity of Hatley. My sons facial expression is self explanatory. My girls are 5 years apart and this coat is still in tip top shape shown on both of them. I've seen tons of cool updated rain coats but I have yet to see them handed down. Invest in the best while maintaining your children's sanity on those rainy and snowy wet days and... do it with 10% off... Today.


Kids love a good graphic--it's a fact. Its both comfortable and easy. My favorite kids' tees of the year are these super-cool tees by Rowdy Sprout that are on sale now! They take musical lyrics or artist/band pics to a whole new level. They feature some of the softest fabrics to come up with so many different looks for your kids to express themselves musically (Even if they weren't around during the Beatles'). My personal favorite happens to be our websites best seller and is a ode to the late great Tupac Shakur so of course, it's a MUST HAVE!


Last but certainly not least is the the loungey pajama like clothing. This happens to be just as important and the pajamas themselves! For outerwear I rely on Lennon and Wolfe and Lauren Moshi to make my kids understand that school can be just as chill and comfortable as home! For pajamas my family prefers Hatley to rock us to sleep!

Hope you enjoyed reading this in PJ's with a pumpkin spiced latte in hand listening to some amazing vibes. That's exactly what I did as I typed this up for you! Try to enjoy this down time before the holiday rush begins! I'll be back next week with some Thanksgiving prep dishes and tips on being the "Hostess with the Mostest" and tips to set your holiday card apart from the pile on the counter.

I have something special to share with you guys next week too! So be ready and follow us on all social media outlets... (@thebrandfinale) you never know where we'll announce things first.

Comments, questions, reactions, are very much welcomed. Would be great to hear from all of you!

Don't forget... we are offering 10% off today for our one week birthday! Also, we also have the Bossy Fur contest up and running on our site. So VISIT US before it's too late!


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