Little helpers = Little Full Bellies

Little helpers = Little Full Bellies

December 23, 2016




Did you notice that your kids eat better when they cook their own food? I sure did, and I've kept my kids in the kitchen ever since. Aside from that, it's great to teach your children how to maintain good eating habits that you'd like them maintain as they grow.  

I know what you're thinking. "I'm scared to let them around the knives and appliances. In my home, everything has a place that is safe. However, they can't cook without utensils. A few years ago when my kids started getting into cooking I discovered "Curious Chef". Once I found this company I began to feel very relaxed when my little assistants wanted to help. It's a collection of knives and more that actually work but are harmless to kids.

At Curious Chef they believe that teaching children to cook helps build a foundation for many essential life skills. Learning to cook helps kids build self-esteem, develop healthy eating habits, learn basic math skills and develops their growing vocabulary. Additionally, cooking together fosters stronger relationships with family and friends and helps cultivate the all-important skills of listening to, and following, directions. 

For my 2 daughters I also collected a host of American Girl x Williams Sonoma's little chef line! Between all of that and their enjoyment of knowing they prepared their own food, as well as wanting to help my husband and I cook; magic started happening. 

I'm not ready to freely have them at the stove, but they'll prep and help until that part comes.

My last entry was fun food.  Some spicy,some cooked on high heat.  These are dishes for Dem Babies... Let them cook... Let them be great!


Appetizer: Widdle Waffles and Chicken


Eggo Waffle Minis

Boneless Skinless chicken Thighs or breasts


2 heaping teaspoon of Lawry's

1 heaping teaspoon of Adobo

2 cups of all purpose flour 

3 cups of Canola oil


Feel free to brine the chicken.  If you're following my last recipe for brining chicken you'll have to scroll up (see my last Blog Entry). Clean your chicken with lemon and water. Drain. Cut your chicken in sizes similar to the size or shape of your waffle minis. Add 1 teaspoon of Lawry's and Adobo to your chicken. Mix. Heat your oil in a frying pan before moving on to the next step.

DISCLAIMER: it's recommended that a parent solely handles this part.


In a ziplock bag add your last teaspoon of Lawry's with flour and shake. Next add your chicken. Shake. 

Once your oil is hot and bubbling, add the coated chicken to the mix. Let it cook. Remove from the heat and allow it to drain on Bounty paper towel. Allow this to cool down.

Toast your waffle minis. Once that part is done and your chicken is cool make little sandwiches and dip or drizzle with syrup! Blink your eyes and it'll disappear! Enjoy!


Main Dish: PizChickger



1/2 Lb. Lean ground beef
Salt & pepper
1 - 2 Cups fries, precooked or from scratch (if you feel fancy)
1 1/2 Cups of shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 Cup mozzarella, shredded
Pizza sauce
Pizza crust (fresh or stonefire) 


When catering to your kids we all know they don't refuse chicken burgers or french fries... why not put a spin on things and mix it up? add your childs favorite vegetable to this dish or serve them as sides.


Cook your ground beef & fries. Heat oven on 400

Layer all of these ingredients on your pizza crust in this order: Pizza sauce, mozzarella, ground beef, fries, cheddar cheese, salt and pepper. Bake until your crust is golden brown, and your cheese is melted to perfection. Let stand, and garnish with ketchup and mustard... thank me later!


Dessert: Strawberry Santa






Cool Whip Or Whipped Cream

Brown sprinkles or mini chocolate chips


Cut the hulled-side strawberries, so they can stand up on a plate. Slice the tip off each strawberry to make the 'hat'; set aside.

Spoon a large dollop of whipped cream or cool whip on top of strawberry base for the 'face' and 'beard'.

Set the 'hat' atop the 'face'. Add a dot of whipped cream, using a toothpick, on top of the 'hat' for the 'pom-pom' and 2 dots on the strawberry base for 'buttons'. Place 2 sprinkles on the 'face' for 'eyes'. Send me a Photo before you finish them! 


I hope your holiday is fun filled with family and friends. I pray for a safe holiday season, and lots of happy faces around your home... especially on your children's faces... so Shop Now! 20% off site wide using code "Holidayholla". Merry Christmas TBF family!

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