Motherhood is tough. Trying to take care of your family, your home, your work, balancing it all, and making your family’s lives run smoothly is exhausting.  I know you’re busy and tired and at times overwhelmed. But imagine five years from now, or ten years from now, what do you want to remember about this time in your life and your children’s lives? In twenty years, how do you want your children to remember their childhoods? What kinds of memories will they have of their mom and their family life? Kids don’t stay little forever. I know it. You know it.  Because of this, we should be trying to create as many special "MOM-ents" with our children as a family and individually.  These are our ideas to help assist you.



We are raising our children in a technology driven age much different than our own childhoods. Even as good parents, we have no idea the distance those devices may be putting between us and our children. I’m as guilty as the next.  I recently read “Precious moments of opportunity to interact and converse with our children dissolve when we are occupied with distraction.” Do your best to take time each day to disconnect from electronics and give your full attention to your children, creating opportunities for conversation and play.





Have a dance party, tell a knock-knock joke, make a silly face. Just be silly! Give your kids the chance to get to know the “fun” you. Moments of you being funny in the kitchen, singing into a spatula or doing cartwheels in the yard are the memories you really want your kids to have. They’ll be getting silly with you or belly laughing from your hilarious antics — and those are the memories you want to have of them. Your family should be found guilty of having too much fun, rather than too little.  Don't you agree?




Each of your children will have specific interests. Bringing your child's interests into your daily routines will be one of the greatest things you could do for the both of you.  My son hates when I wake him up for school.  But he was thrilled one morning when his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures woke him up to help him get ready for school.   While getting dressed they also discussed how they'd be going on a trip while he's at school take down Shredder and make the streets of New York City safe again.  He still talks about it to this day and it was a year ago.  Some of my most important memories are tied to family traditions. Make an effort to establish some significant practices that you repeat year after year. Those repetitive events build stability and a sense of continuity in your child’s life.



Each one of my kids has a special nickname (or two).  Your kids will realize how special the name is because it's only used by you.  I've got a Chooch- Chya, Pop- Jerod Jr and Yanbam-Chyanne🤗.  While there are many others these are the ones that make the cut on a daily basis.  Something this small will create long lasting "MOM-ents" they won't forget.  

The list goes on.  As much as you can as a family you should eat together, pray together, go on road trips and take vacations.  Snow days and long weekend holidays are also great times for "MOM-ents" and family bonding.  All of these wonderful  times will come together to form a museum of memories in your child’s life that will serve as a solid foundation for them as they begin their own family.  And for that they will be eternally grateful.  

Does it take effort? Definitely. Do I fail? Sometimes.  However, if you do your best you'll create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.  When creating these memories make sure to try a snap a quick pic.  Now when you're looking back at your picture how cool would it be to see your child in one of the most adorable TBF new arrivals 😜.  SHOP NOW!!! USE CODE: Imdifferent