The Brand Finale is an exclusive curated boutique collection founded in 2016 by
Chantel Mayo. The online retail space boasts today's most fashionable
children's attire. The Brand Finale collection possesses chic, modern, on-trend
styles, with attention to detail and quality that ensures the clothes will last for years.


Chantel Mayo is a mompreneur redefining cohesive children’s style. She
revealed a new market for children’s clothing after years of frustration dealing
with the limited fashion options for her own children.

Chantel has an extensive background in the beauty industry. As her success
grew, her clientele list was endless with celebrities and personalities. She
decided to take a leave of absence from the beauty industry, as she and her
husband Jerod welcomed their first child, Chya, into the world in 2010. Exactly one
year later to the day, they welcomed their second child and first son, Jerod Jr.

Chantel’s priorities shifted as she raised her two children and continued to be the
support system for Jerod during the height of his NFL career. In
2014, she was sidetracked by the birth of her third child, Chyanne. Now
balancing three children under the age of 4, Chantel decided that there was no
better time to embark in this new endeavor.


Like most parents, Chantel takes countless photos of her children but found she
had to compromise her taste, style, and design when it came to what was
available while dressing the kids. That's when the wheels began to turn. She
realized there was a huge void and believed she found a way to fill it. So in true
Mayo fashion, Chantel had to take charge and change the industry. That's when
The Brand Finale was born.

Chantel was very strategic in the way she built the
brand. Her mission was to research, locate, arrange, and catalogue brands that
were fashionable, affordable, and most importantly, durable for her kids' busy

She realized that she was onto something as people began to take notice
of her children’s attire. She felt like she needed to create a platform to be able to
share those brands with other parents in the same boat.

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