Individually You

There will always be critics. It’s better to accept that now than to spend your life trying to please people.......This is something that I live by.  I also try to instill this mentality into my children.  It's never too early to start trying to guide them down the path of being an INDIVIDUAL. 

It’s not always easy to be an individual, especially if you always seem to find yourself lost in the opinions of confused critics, peer pressure, and aggressive personalities. However, if you make an effort to accept the person you are while continuing to grow and evolve, then you’ll be on your way to discovering the person you were meant to be. Being an individual takes work and dedication, and it doesn’t mean you have to stick out in a crowd, either. Being a true individual to me means having convictions, standing up for yourself, and not being afraid to go off and do your own thing sometimes.  Below you will find my main 🔑🔑 of success to developing your individuality. 


 Stop Caring About Opinions

Stop caring what others think. If you want to really move forward to developing your individuality, then you have to put aside your worries about what other people are thinking. You should want to be an individual just for yourself.  Not for the acceptance of friends, coworkers or classmates.  If you obsess over what other people are thinking all the time, then you’ll never be able to really please yourself.  Because most of the time people can be  fickle and it’s impossible to please everyone.  

   Be Comfortable With Yourself

Learn how to have fun by yourself. It's great to have friends but you need to be able to know how to entertain yourself.  Be comfortable with yourself. If you are comfortable with who you are, you will be less likely to have to follow the crowd or seek acceptance from others.


Be You

Staying true to yourself and being who you really are sounds easy, but it's not. Society and our peers can push and pull us into acting in ways that don't fit with the picture of how we truly see ourselves. If you're the type of person who feels pressured to "fit in," don't worry - being a unique individual can be tricky, but it's way more rewarding and fulfilling than simply blending in with the crowd.  The one thing no one can ever take from you is the independence of your mind – that, you would have to surrender willingly. In exchange, they’ll offer you an identity, a uniform they want you to wear and it won't fit. When you point this out, they’ll accuse you of not being a team player.  Don't fall for this.  Be You!  UNAPOLOGETICALLY 

People will always try to put you in a box because it’s easier than dealing with who you actually are. If you resist, they will call you names or gang up on you. This is just another way of saying they don’t understand you, and that's fine. Don’t allow yourself to be defined by other people’s limitations.  These life lessons are as important for us as they are for our children.  You should try to teach them every chance you get.

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