Hey Squad,

I hope your week was nothing short of amazing. If it was a tough week, I hope there's a gem in this entry that can help you enjoy your weekend. As mentioned in my initial post, not only will I touch base on fashion, beauty, cooking and parenting tips but also on self help & motivation. This week I'd like to introduce you guys to an amazing woman who I'm blessed to call my friend. After meeting all of her goals and starting the career of her dreams, she realized she wasn't using her magic. So she decided to walk away from corporate America to walk into her calling...if Good Vibes was a job, she would be the CEO...I want you to know Dani Robertson💌





Hi, I’m Dani,

Choosing happy is the law of my life. It wasn’t always like that though. I started from a place of not being happy but knowing it existed. At one point, I had everything I thought I wanted: the career, the man, the friends, but there was still something missing. Something missing in me. So I went searching for my happy and I learned a hellvalot along the way. I had to start being honest with myself. So I got rid of the man and the career and realized that felt good. After trying a number of other things I thought I would enjoy, I landed at SoulCycle and miraculously went from a rider to an instructor. I am in love with what I do and it’s mainly because I get to have such an intimate moment with people as we all push past our perceived limits. The journey to happy was not without trials, but it taught me a lot about putting myself and my happiness first. Plain and simple, you are in charge of your smile. Your life literally is what you make it. So why not make it a masterpiece?

What’s for dinner? I wonder what she’s thinking? Do these pants make me look fat? What should I do this weekend? You ever notice the infinite number of thoughts running through your mind at any given period? If so, you are not alone. We all have that small voice in our heads, an endless treadmill of what if, how come, when, why not, if only, etc. Sometimes we can be so caught up with our mind that we fail to notice details that are right in front of our eyes. Ever realize you weren’t paying attention to what someone just said because you were thinking? Well the cure is one size fits ALL.


It’s one of the greatest ways to improve concentration and reduce stress, ultimately expanding happiness. Mediation allows you to act as opposed to react. Settling the mind is essential in helping to keep you present and engaged on the current moment. Time already flies, it’s for your greatest benefit to be right where you are, your mind included. Not somewhere worrying about a future that hasn’t happened yet or a past that can’t affect you any longer. Once you open yourself up to the present moment, you have the ability to see life as it is and increase your appreciation for it’s preciousness. Happiness comes and stays when you can notice all of the incredible things that already make life so good. Below is a simple 3-step guide to mediating:

  1. Find somewhere to sit quietly, where you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed, hands on your lap and palms up or in a chair with your legs on the ground and hands on your lap. Either way, back straight and be comfortable. First thing in the morning is preferable, as your mind is still waking so it hasn’t accumulated the day’s thoughts, but anytime is perfect. 
  2. Focus on your breath. Feel the air touch your nose as it flows in and out. It may feel like you’re forcing yourself to breathe but that will stop and you’ll find yourself breathing normally.
  3. When your mind leaves your breath, simply go back to it. Without judgment or delay, focus on feeling the air touch your nose as it flows in and out.

That’s it! :)

*Note: It doesn’t matter how you practice, it matters that you practice. It can’t be perfect because there is no right way to do it. Some days you’ll be able to focus for long periods of time or you’ll fall asleep or you’ll get lost in thought until you hear the timer go off. All of it is working. Go back to your breath. #Choosehappy

Although this is a Children's Clothing site, we know that it is the parents who shop for their children. We also know that before you can look good or make anyone else look good you have to feel good INSIDE! Share this with your kids if you find it helpful. Happiness will be an inside job forever! Try it, feel good then... SHOP! 


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